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Receivables Solutions

Make collecting your receivables a breeze.

Receivables Solutions

TBK Bank offers a wide array of Treasury Management products to help collect payments faster so you can maximize working capital.

Significantly improve control of your business’ cash, funds availability, transaction reconciliation and cash forecasting with same-day or next-day ACH origination. ACH is a reliable and cost effective method of managing receivables and is most often used for:

  • Collection of receipts
  • Direct debits for memberships, dues, and authorized vendor collections
  • Non-immediate transfer of funds between accounts at other financial institutions

TBK Bank’s delivery module within Commercial Center provides secure file transfer and self-guided mapping tools to support ERP and Treasury workstation integration with:

  • Unattended file delivery
  • File scheduling
  • Straight-through processing
  • Automated transaction confirmations
  • Dual approvals
  • Your own company’s compatible FTP solution

Same-day ACH can be used for those times when funds must be received today. To process as a same-day transaction, your ACH file must be submitted prior to 12:30 pm CST. There are additional eligibility requirements for same-day transactions:

  • Per payment transaction limit is $1 million
  • Domestic ACH only (International ACH ineligible)

Available through Commercial Center only.

Remote Deposit Capture enables your company to capture images of checks and electronically submit a deposit to the bank. With our quick and easy-to-use interface, you’ll reduce the cost and risk associated with manual deposit deliveries.

  • Improve cash flow with faster deposits
  • Reduce risk and cost associated with delivery of deposits to the bank
  • Extend banking hours for same-day credit of deposits to 6:00 pm CST
  • Control security with segregation of duties and dual authorization
  • Safeguard against unbalanced file transmission with Control Totals

Scanner Installation Requirements:

  • PC and broadband internet connection
  • 128 bit encryption

Additional Service Information:

  • Accommodates multiple business locations
  • Accepts deposits 24/7. Deposits received after 6:00 pm CST will be counted as a next day deposit
  • Requires a secure check storage process for deposited items

Minimize mail and processing float and collect checks faster.

No fuss. No mess. Just efficient.

With TBK Bank’s Wholesale Lockbox services, your clients can mail remittances to a specially designated post office box address. Your checks and remittances are retrieved, sorted and imaged. Checks are then electronically deposited into your designated business account.

  • Perfect for business-to-business payments

Retail Lockbox is perfect for high volume, low value deposit items such as consumer utility bills or loan payments. Retail Lockbox deposits are often accompanied by a coupon with account and billing information included. With Retail Lockbox:

  • Get online access to deposit history, check images and correspondence
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Retrieve customizable report formats
  • Access online exception processing
  • Receive enhanced search and sort capabilities
  • Post files for your accounting system (upon request)
  • Password protect your archives

Additional services and reporting available for HOA and Medical industries.

TBK Business Mobile provides access to Commercial Center and Small Business Center through a mobile device. Check images are captured and converted to digital form and electronically transmitted for credit to the designated business account.

  • Requires Commercial Center or Small Business Center access
  • Login credentials are identical to your desktop access
  • Accepts deposits 24/7
  • Download the TBK Bank Business Mobile app
  • Deposit until 6:00 pm CST for same-day credit

Accepting all major credit cards is essential for a modern business. Merchant Services with TBK Bank allows you to process payments over the web, in store, by mobile, by mail, or by phone. From traditional countertop terminals to mobile/smart terminals and more, we offer a range of solutions to fit your needs.

Streamline your receivables management and offer a safe secure method for your clients to pay you faster.

  • PCI Compliant
  • EMV Chip Compliant
  • Secure Payments with Tokenization
  • Dynamic and Multi-currency conversion
  • 12 months of history available online
  • Consolidated statements
  • Efficient and cost effective

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