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Quicken and QuickBooks

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When we’re organized, life’s simpler. And that’s what Quicken does. It lets you see your money, all in one place. It connects all of your accounts, creates realistic budgets, and helps manage your expenses, again, all in one place.

TBK Bank supports Web Connect for Quicken. Go to or check out an authorized retailer to get the right Quicken products for you.


For TBK business clients using QuickBooks, we offer WebConnect for QuickBooks. Log in to Commercial Center or Small Business Center and export your transactions directly into QuickBooks. Save time reconciling financial transactions and manage your money with ease.

Does TBK Bank offer DirectConnect to QuickBooks?

Commercial Center and Small Business Center offer the Web Connect method of integrating with QuickBooks. Log in and export transactions to QuickBooks.

Because we use the most advanced security, Direct Connect with QuickBooks is not yet compatible with a soft token or Multi-Factor Authentication.