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Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your accounts with TBK Bank’s full suite of fraud protection solutions.

Fraud Prevention Features

Fraud prevention is our top priority. Solutions include:

  • Stop payments for both Check and ACH
  • Dual control for all payment types
  • Separate transaction limits for the company and user
  • Audit reporting
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Check Positive Pay with optional Payee Match
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • TBK Bank Secure Browser

Commercial Center

Check Positive Pay is an important tool in preventing check fraud. As checks are presented against your business account, we will electronically match those checks against a list of checks previously authorized by your company. Any item that is not on the check issue list is reported as suspect and you decide to pay or return the item. Decisions must be made by 12:00 pm CT.

  • A Commercial Checking account is required*
  • Commercial Center access is required
  • Upload check issue files or manually enter individual checks
  • Review images and exceptions
  • Make Pay/Return decisions
  • Request reconciliation reports: Full or Partial Reconciliation
  • Receive alerts to notify authorized users of exceptions

Your wireless carrier may charge for text or data usage when using the TBK Business Mobile App.

ACH Positive Pay protects your business checking account from fraudulent electronic transactions, similar to Check Positive Pay. Using pre-established blocks and filters, ACH Positive Pay adds an additional level of control and security over your ACH transactions. Companies can choose to:

  • Review all incoming ACH Debits and/or Credits
  • Add Block and Filter rules:
    • Accept/Block ACH activity by dollar limit
    • Accept/Block ACH activity by company
    • Accept/Block all ACH activity for a specified vendor
  • Make pay and return decisions through Commercial Center by 12:00 pm CT
  • Receive exception notifications via Email or SMS/text

Your wireless carrier may charge for text or data usage when using the TBK Business Mobile App.

TBK has you covered regardless of the way you choose to access your banking information:

Secure Browser
Secure Browser is a feature of Commercial Center and Small Business Center designed to protect companies from malware attacks. Accessed through a “private browser,” the user can only visit approved sites during their banking session. Secure Browser uses keyboard, data and transaction encryption, thus making a much safer environment to conduct banking activities.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Multi-Factor Authentication can be used with Commercial Center and Small Business Center to ensure a safe environment for banking and payment origination.

TBK Mobile Token
TBK Token Client is a software application installed on your workstation that operates separately and independently of Commercial Center or Small Business Center. A link to download a software token is available on the login page to Commercial Center and Small Business Center. A one-time passcode (OTP) launches the Token Client and completes the login process.

Out-of-Band Authentication
Out-of-Band (OOB) Authentication allows a registered user to receive a passcode via email or remote device. The user will enter the OOB code on the login screen to validate their credentials and complete the login process.

To enroll for Out-of-Band Authentication contact Treasury Management Support at (844)-824- 2265.