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Commercial Center

Stay in the know on every aspect of your business finances.

Commercial Center Features

If your business commands a lot of your time, you may struggle with keeping up with all of your financials. With our suite of Treasury Management services, you’ll save time and resources monitoring and managing your business’ cash position.

  • Information and Balance Reporting
  • Segregation of duties and risk limits
  • Ease in managing a large number of users and accounts
  • Perfect for companies with high transaction volumes
  • Supports complex file import and export options
  • Build custom reports in industry standard formats
  • Access to your account information from any iOS or Android device
  • Ability to make business mobile deposits
  • Approve ACH and Wire Transfers through the Business Mobile app

TBK Bank’s Commercial Center provides the latest technology to ensure you have all the information you need, wherever you are. Including a full suite of Treasury Management services, Commercial Center has an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use menu navigation, giving you access to:

  • A customizable dashboard
  • Quick-view of accounts and balances
  • Robust reporting of current and prior day history using multiple delivery channels and multiple formats including BAI2, CSV, MT940, MT942 and QuickBooks
  • Access to 18 months of eStatements
  • Multiple payment rails
    • ACH transactions
    • Wire Transfers
    • Internal Transfers
  • Business Mobile Banking through the TBK Business Mobile app
    • Business Mobile Deposit
    • Approve ACH and Wires through your mobile device

For added security and control, your designated company administrator provides access and manages additional authorized users with:

  • Cascading permissions
  • User profile and permissions management
  • Enabling/Disabling users as needed
  • Audit reporting on user access and activity
  • Password enablement and reset
  • Customizable alert and event notifications for insight into:
    • User profile changes
    • Password resets and user lockouts
    • Transaction status changes and confirmations
    • Transactions pending approval

With Commercial Center, you gain efficient solutions that integrate new technologies and decrease payment processing time. Resources available include:

  • Account transfers: One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-One
  • Supports multiple ACH companies
  • Same-day ACH
  • Built-in ACH and wire file import with file mapping
  • Mapping in NACHA, ISO 20022, and EDI820 formats
  • Templated payments supported
  • Domestic, International, and Foreign Currency Wire transfers
  • Loan payments

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Day-to-day business success depends upon a healthy cash flow. Make the most of your working capital with these services designed to accelerate your accounts receivable:

  • ACH debit origination with Same-Day origination option
  • Lockbox with custom reporting and posting options
  • Managing incoming ACH and wire payments with alerts and notifications of payment activity
  • Remote Deposit Capture access
  • Business Mobile Deposit

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TBK Bank offers fraud and risk management solutions to protect your company against attacks. Safety features include:

  • Secure browser with virtual keyboard
  • Multi-Factor Authentication using a virtual token
  • Check Positive Pay with optional Payee Match
  • Daily reconciliation options
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Dual control for Payments
  • Security alerts with multiple delivery options

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TBK Bank offers several file delivery options within Commercial Center. Delivery options include:

  • Web
  • Email
  • SMS/Text delivery
  • SFTP delivery using your FTP client
  • SFTP using TBK Bank’s Desktop Delivery

Information and balance reporting gives you great visibility into your daily cash position, helping you improve forecasting. Let each day include:

  • Account balance and transaction reporting
    • Several formats including CSV, BAI2, TXT, PDF, MT940, MT942, QuickBooks, and HTML
  • NACHA reporting (available in NACHA, CSV, or PDF format)
    • NACHA Details report
    • NACHA Notification of Change report
    • NACHA Returns report
  • Wire transfer reporting
    • Wire Details report (incoming and outgoing) (.csv, .txt, or .pdf format)
    • ISO20022 Detailed Acknowledgments (.xml format)
    • ISO20022 Confirmations (.xml format)
    • Flat File Notification Advice (.csv, .txt, or .pdf format)
  • Check images
    • Prior day in-clearing check images available in a zipped file as TIF, PNG or GIF
  • eStatements in PDF format

Your wireless carrier may charge for text or data usage when using the TBK Bank Mobile App.