Mobile Banking

right caretWhat activities can I do in CardValet?

Within CardValet, you can:

  1. Block Transactions
  2. Set Card Limits
  3. Set Transaction Limits
  4. Add Alerts
  5. Block Certain Locations
  6. Set a Limit by Merchant

right caretWhat cards can I manage in CardValet?

You can manage any debit card linked to your TBK Bank account through the stand-alone CardValet app. Only personal debit cards can be managed through the bank’s mobile app.

right caretHow do I access CardValet on my smartphone?

You may access CardValet through the stand-alone app, or through the bank’s mobile app. Download the CardValet application by visiting the Apple or Google app store to retrieve the app. From the bank’s mobile app, you may enter CardValet in two ways:

  1. Click on “More” at the bottom of the screen and then select “Cards”.
  2. On the Accounts screen select “Manage My Cards”.

right caretWhat should I do with the check once it is deposited?

Keep the check in a secure place for 10 business days until you make sure the check is not going to be returned. At that time you should destroy the check.

right caretWhat is the maximum amount I can deposit in Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit a check up to $2,500.00 and can deposit up to $2,500.00 per day.

right caretWhat if a deposited check is rejected by the bank?

The bank sends an email to all customers with a rejected deposited check. The email will alert you that the deposit was not made and will provide an explanation.

right caretWhat is the cutoff time for deposits made through Mobile Deposit?

Checks that are deposited by 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on any Business Day will be processed the same day. Deposits made by mobile deposit will not show up immediately in pending transactions.

right caretCan I use my tablet for Mobile Banking?

TBK Bank has a Tablet App that works for tablets. The tablet app is titled TBK Bank for Tablet.

right caretWhen I click the link for the Mobile Banking website nothing happens, what should I do?

Every mobile device and mobile network is different, so you may not be able to click a link in a text message. Try these troubleshooting tips:

Open the text message and click the Send or Go button on the mobile device to access the website URL.

Click the address to go directly to the website.

Open the text message and write down your unique website URL.

Enter the URL in the device’s web browser to go directly to the website.

If you still cannot access the Mobile Banking website, contact your mobile service carrier.

right caretI have text messaging enabled on my mobile device, why can’t I receive text messages?

The mobile service carrier may be blocking short codes or you may have blocked the short codes from the mobile device. Short codes must be enabled to use Mobile Banking. Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers, usually five digits, used to send Mobile Banking messages. Sprint commonly blocks SMS short codes, the customer may need to contact Sprint to have short code 99588 unlocked.

right caretI have a prepaid plan, can I use Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking works with most prepaid plans, but we cannot guarantee that your carrier supports standard U.S. short codes. T-Mobile prepaid does not support short codes. Check with your carrier to determine if they support Mobile Banking.

right caretWhich mobile service carriers support TBK Bank’s Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking works on all major mobile service carriers in the United States: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, U.S. Cellular®, and Verizon Wireless. Mobile Banking also works on a number of the smaller service carriers, including, but not limited to, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, Pioneer Cellular, Union Wireless, and Virgin Mobile USA.

right caretWhich phones can I use for Mobile Banking?

Hundreds of models are supported including these major brands: iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony Ericsson. Phones on a number of different operating systems are supported including, but not limited, to Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm webOS, and Maemo.

right caretHow do I stop using Mobile Banking on my phone?

To stop using Mobile Banking on a mobile device, complete the steps in the previous answer to “Deactivate” or “Stop Using a Mobile Device”.

right caretWhat if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your unique user name and password. To prevent unauthorized access to your account, deactivate your phone through Online Banking. To deactivate a mobile device:

  • Log in to Online Banking using your desktop.
  • Click Profile

The Profile screen is displayed.

  • Scroll to the Mobile banking section.
  • Click Manage Devices.

profile image

The Mobile Banking Main Menu screen is displayed.

  • Select the My Devices tab.

menu image

  • Locate the appropriate device.
  • Select “Stop using this device for Mobile Banking” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Go

The Stop Using This Phone screen is displayed.

  • Click Yes.

The Main Menu screen is displayed.

  • Close this screen to return to the Online Banking session

right caretWhat if I get a new mobile phone?

If you get a new mobile device, add the new device through Online Banking. To update the mobile device:

Log in to Online Banking.

Click Profile.

The Profile screen is displayed.

  • Scroll to the Mobile banking section.
  • Click Manage devices.

profile image

The Main Menu screen is displayed.

  • Select the My Devices

mobile banking options image

  • Click on Add New Device

downloadable apps image

  • To have the App sent to your new device, enter your phone number under “Downloadable Apps” in the left hand column and press Send, or visit the App Store through Apple or Google.
  • Under “Other Services”, enter your mobile phone number and click Continue.

Once you click Continue, you will have the opportunity to enter the Activation Code that will be sent to the new phone/device.

activation code image

Once you have entered the Activation Code and clicked “Activate”, the following screen is returned:

activation successful image

Note: Once you have added the new device, you may want to remove the old device.

To remove the old device:

  • Go back to My Devices under Manage Devices in Online Banking. You will see the original device and the one just added.

devices image

  • Using the drop-down menu, change the message to “Stop using this device for Mobile Banking” and click Go next to the account. You will receive the following message. Click Yes to stop using this device.

stop using device image

  • Click Yes, to finish the process and return to the Main Menu.

right caretWhat if my phone number changes?

Mobile Banking is device oriented. If the mobile device is the same, it does not matter if the phone number has changed. However, don’t forget to change your contact information with the bank.

right caretCan I add more than one mobile phone?

Several devices can be added to Mobile Banking. To add a new phone, select “Manage Device” in the Mobile Banking section in the Online Banking Profile screen.

right caretHow current is the account and transaction information?

The transaction information given in Mobile Banking is the same information found through Online Banking. Information is current.

right caretWhich accounts can I access using Mobile Banking?

You can access any personal account set up in Online Banking. Select which accounts you want to access using Mobile Banking during the enrollment process. Some accounts may not have access to all features.

right caretIs my personal or financial information stored on my phone?

No. Mobile Banking does not save any files with personal or financial information on your mobile device. That information stays strictly within Online Banking. Some phones (e.g., BlackBerry, Android) have logo and branding files that are copied to the mobile device. Those files do not contain any personally identifiable information.

right caretIs Mobile Banking secure?

Using the app is the most secure avenue. At a high level, Mobile Banking offers the following security safeguards:

  • Authentication – Mobile browser and application solution customers are authenticated for every interaction with any Mobile Banking component. Customers are authenticated by username and password or by utilizing existing login credentials.
  • Encryption – 128-bit encryption is used for all transactions within Mobile Banking and payment systems.
  • Fraud – Mobile Banking incorporates mechanisms such as transaction validation and transaction reconciliation processes to detect fraud.
  • Availability/Resilience – Mobile Banking is protected against malicious attacks through software and server security measures.
  • Auditability – Mobile Banking provides full audit capabilities through event logs and event-based reporting.

right caret Can I enroll before the prompt shows again?

You can enroll at any time. To enroll a phone in Mobile Banking, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Click the Profiles button.
  • Scroll down to the Mobile banking
  • Click Enroll and follow the prompts.

right caretHow often does the “pop up” option to enroll in Mobile Banking appear during the log in procedure?

If you Declined the option, it will show up again in 180 days; if you chose Ask me later, it will show up again in 60 days.

right caretCan anyone sign up for Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking enables any consumer with consumer online banking to access their account information from a mobile device. Mobile Banking offers three ways to access accounts:

  • Send a text message using a mobile device
  • Use a mobile browser on a mobile device
  • Download the TBK Bank application to a mobile device (available for iPhone or Android enabled phones and tablets only)

The user can choose any or all of these options. Ability to access depends on the capabilities of the mobile device.

1) SMS Text Messaging Service


To use the SMS text messaging service, the mobile device must send and receive text messages to and from a short code (99588). Most mobile devices are capable of sending and receiving text messages. Please note that some mobile service carriers charge for outgoing text messages or for each message sent and received.

Use the SMS text messaging service to:

  • Check account balances (BAL)
  • Review recent account activity (HIST)

2) Mobile Browser Service


To use the mobile browser service, the mobile device must have an Internet browser and may require a data service plan. Access Mobile Banking by using the link sent by SMS text message during the enrollment process.

Use the mobile browser service to:

  • Check account balances
  • Review recent account activity
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Change and cancel pending payments
  • Find ATM and branch locations

3) Downloadable Application (available for iPhone or Android enabled phones and tablets)


To use the Mobile Banking downloadable application, the mobile device must have an operating system that supports application downloads and may require a data service plan. Download the Mobile Banking application using the link sent by SMS text message during the enrollment process or visit the Apple or Google app store to retrieve the app.

Use the downloadable application service to:

  • Check account balances
  • Review recent account activity
  • Make deposits (certain restrictions apply)
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Manage the debit cards attached to your account
  • Change and cancel pending payments
  • Find ATM and branch locations
Mobile Business Banker

right caretWhat are the requirements to access Mobile Business Banker?

Businesses must be a Business Banker user and have an iPhone or Google Android device with a data service plan or Wi-Fi access. Once enrolled, users can accomplish many of the tasks available through Mobile Business Banker using a mobile device.

right caretWhat features are available through Mobile Business Banker?

Users will have many of the same features available in Business Banker. TBK Bank Mobile Business Banker allows businesses to:

  • Review activity on accounts like transfers and payments
  • Review daily balances
  • Transfer between available accounts
  • Pay bills using CheckFree Small Business Bill Pay
  • Approve dual controlled transactions like wire transfer originations and ACH originations
  • Deposit a check into the business account specified

right caretHow do I begin using Mobile Business Banker?

If already enrolled in Online Business Banking, contact Treasury Management at a number listed below to be enrolled in Mobile Business Banker. Once enrolled, users will then be able to download the TBK Bank Mobile Business app directly from either the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play, depending on the mobile device’s operating platform.

  • Midwest Division: 563-888-6477
  • Western Division: 844-824-2265
  • Texas Division: 855-892-2420

right caretWhat does the "Save ID" feature do from the log-in screen?

Since multiple user IDs can be used to access Mobile Business Banker on one device, users can save their user ID for future use. After the user ID is saved, the option to “Change User” will be shown.

right caretWhen will I be asked a security question on my mobile device?

The first time users log in on a mobile device, they will be prompted to answer a security question. This allows users to securely log-in and register the device.

right caretHow do I change my Password for Mobile Business Banker?

A user’s Mobile Business Banker password is the same as their desktop Business Banker password. If a token is used to log in on a desktop, users will need a token to log in to Mobile Business Banker. At this time, password changes must be done from logging in to Business Banker from the desktop.

right caretWhat should I do if I believe I've been locked out of Mobile Business Banker?

To enhance security, Mobile Business Banker will lock access after three (3) invalid Password/Security Challenge attempts. Contact Treasury Management at one of the numbers listed above for assistance.

right caretWhat should I do if I cannot remember my password?

Log in to Business Banker from a desktop and use the “Forgot Password” feature or contact Treasury Management at one of the numbers listed above.

right caretWhat if all my accounts do not show up in Business Banker?

Contact Treasury Management at one of the numbers listed above to have other accounts added.

right caretWhat is the deadline for processing mobile transactions?

Mobile Business Banker services are available 24/7 however, some services may contain processing cutoff times as follows:

  • ACH Origination Approvals 5:00 pm CST
  • Wire Origination Approvals 3:30 pm CST
  • Mobile Business Deposits 5:00pm CST

right caretWhen will the mobile deposit be posted to my account?

Mobile Business deposits made by 5pm CST will be reviewed by the bank on that business day. If approved, the deposit will show up in the business account during nightly processing.

right caretIs there a limit to the amount I can deposit using Business Mobile Deposit?

Limits are set by the bank based upon the needs of each company. Remote Deposit limits are agreed upon at implementation of RDC/Mobile Deposit. If a business does not already have a limit, one will be set by the bank based upon deposit activity specific to the Company.

right caretWhat should I do with the original paper check after the deposit is made?

After depositing the check using Business Mobile Deposit, please follow these best practice guidelines:

  1. Write “Mobile Deposit” on the front of the check.
  2. Retain the original check is a secure location for 14 days from the date of deposit. The check should be destroyed after that time, provided the deposit was made to the account.

right caretOn the Deposit History screen, there is a place for "Decline Deposits". Is this how I determine if the deposit was not accepted by the bank?

No. The “Declined Deposits” shown here are deposits that were attempted and declined by the phone. Users will receive an email if the deposit is declined by the bank.

right caretAre there any fees for using Mobile Business Banker

There are no additional fees for using Mobile Business Banker. Depending upon additional Treasury Management services used, fees could apply to the desktop version of Business Banker. For detailed pricing of these fees, please contact your local branch.

right caretCan I set up new vendors within bill pay through Mobile Business Banker?

No. New vendors are set up in the desktop version of Business Banker. Mobile Business Banker is used to pay vendors that have already been established.

If you have further questions, please contact Treasury Management department at one of the phone numbers listed above.

right caretWhere can I learn more about Mobile Business Banker?

On our website, under Services< Account Management< Mobile Business Banker

Online Banking

right caretDo I have to use Online Banking to have an alert placed on my account?

No. Contact your local branch for assistance.

right caretCan I receive alerts on my phone?

Yes. Alerts can be received by email or text.

right caretWhat alerts are available?

right caretCan I set up an alert on my account?

Alerts can be set up through Online Banking. Select “Alerts” from the Utility Navigation Bar, select the type of alert (checking, savings, loans) and click on “Set Up New Alert”.

right caretWhat happens if I do not access Online Banking on a regular basis?

To enhance security, your Online Banking profile will be deleted after 90 days of non-use; this can be avoided by logging in beforehand. If your profile is deleted, you may Sign Up Now. Please note that if you use Bill Pay and your Online Banking profile is deleted, future dated Bill Payments will be cancelled and your Bill Pay payees will be deleted as well.

right caretIs it important for me to keep my email address updated in Online Banking?

Yes, notifications will often be sent out by email, so please keep your email address updated. To change your email address while logged into Online Banking, click “Options”, scroll to the E-Mail section and click “Edit”; enter your new email address and submit.

right caretWhat is the deadline to make internal account transfers and internal loan payments with Online Banking?

The cut off time for internal transfers and loan payments is 6:00 pm CST.

right caretWhat if I cannot access all of my accounts through Online Banking?

Contact your local branch for assistance.

right caretWhat if I am not locked out of Online Banking, but I do not remember my password?

Use the “Forgot Password” feature which will send your password to your email address we have on file.

To enhance Security, you will be prompted to change your password during your next login

right caretWhy am I locked out of Online Banking and how do I get unlocked?

To enhance security, Online Banking will lock your access after three (3) invalid Password/Security Challenge attempts. Contact your local branch for assistance.

right caretHow do I change my Security Challenge Questions for Online Banking?

Log into Online Banking and choose “Options.” Then scroll down to the Security Data section and choose “Edit.”

To change the Security Challenge Questions, simply re-enter them in the appropriate fields and change the drop-down boxes if desired. After a change to the Security Challenge Questions, choose “Submit” to save the new information.

right caretHow often do I need to change my password?

In an effort to provide customers with the utmost security in Online Banking, it is a requirement that all Online Banking passwords be changed every 180 days. If it has been more than 180 days since your last password change, a prompt will be made to change the password the next time Online Banking is accessed. Password requirements are:

Insert chart from page:

right caretHow many computers can I use to access Online Banking and how many can I register?

You can access your accounts from any number of computers and there is no limit to which ones you choose to register, however we only recommend registering computers you use on a regular basis.

right caretHow do I register additional computers for Online Banking?

After correctly answering the Security Challenge Question, you may register your computer by choosing “This is a personal computer. Register it.”

right caretWhat if I have registered my computer, but Online Banking continues to ask me a Security Challenge Question each time I log in?

The Security Challenge Information is stored as a cookie on your computer, so if you are presented with a question each time on an already registered computer, then the cookie is somehow being deleted; that is most likely automatically occurring when you close your browser. To check this setting while online, select Internet Options from the Tools menu and go to the Browsing history section of the General Tab. If “Delete Browsing History on Exit” is checked, your cookies are being deleted each time your browser is closed.

Simply uncheck the box if desired. If you ever manually delete your cookies in the future, you will be asked a Security Challenge Question the next time you log into Online Banking.

right caretWhat if the URL bar doesn’t turn green?

Please contact TBK Bank at (866) 644-3935 immediately.

right caretHow do I know that I’m logging into TBK Bank’s Online Banking and not a phony website designed for phishing?

When you enter your Username to log into a computer you have already registered, the URL bar will turn green and display a padlock so that you know you can safely proceed with your password. When you enter your Username to log into an unregistered computer, Online Banking will present you with a Security Challenge Question previously chosen by you; after correctly answering the question, you will see the URL turn green and display a padlock so that you know you can safely proceed with your password.

right caretWhich browsers can I use to access Online Banking?


  • IE – 9.0 and above
  • Firefox – current version
  • Google Chrome – current version

Apple OS X

  • Mozilla Camino – current version
  • Safari – 6.0 + (Mac OS only)
  • Firefox – current version
  • Google Chrome – current version

(iPad users can at times access using the Safari browser, however there are no qualified browsers for this application at this time)

(Cell phone users will be unable to use a browser to connect unless they are enrolled in Mobiliti)

right caretWhich operating system can I use to access Online Banking?

Windows Vista and above

Mac OS 10.7 and above

right caretWhere can I learn more about Online Banking?

Online Bill Pay

right caretHow do I stop a payment?

Electronic payments can be stopped by choosing the specific payee from the “pending Payments” area in your bill pay page and clicking on Cancel. Payments scheduled to pay out by paper check will have to be cancelled by placing a Stop Payment Order on them at your local TBK Bank branch. The normal Stop Pay fee will be charged.

right caretWill I get an email if my payment is outstanding after a period of time?

There is not any automatic correspondence sent out regarding bill payments.

right caretI made a payment more than 30 days ago and it has not yet cleared my account, what should I do?

Start by calling Bill Pay Support at 1-855-894-8710 to see if the payment was made. Contact your local TBK Bank office to stop the payment if necessary. Any check payments that are outstanding more than 90 days will be automatically refunded and credited back to the customer’s checking account within 3-5 business days after being stale dated.

right caretWhere can I get my payment history?

The Bill Payments begin building history with your first payment made and will be available for viewing up to 18 months.

right caretI made a payment 4 months ago; how can I be sure it was paid?

Look back at your statements to make sure the payment has been deducted from your account. If you made a payment and your payee has not credited you, contact your local TBK branch for assistance in researching the proof of payment.

right caretHow can I tell if a payment has been made?

Log into your online banking and click on the Bill Pay tab in the Primary Navigation Bar. The list of your Payees along with Pending and Recent Payments will be displayed in your Payment Center. To get more details, choose the Bill Pay History tab and select from several options.

right caretMy payment used to pay electronically, now it’s paying by check. What can I do?

In the Bill Pay “Payment Center” click on the payee name from your list of vendors, the payment assistant will open in the upper right hand corner; compare the address information for payments to a recent bill and if changes are needed click on the Update button to edit.

right caretI want a bill paid on the last day of each month, what should I do?

Schedule the payment for the 31st and schedule the recurrence for monthly. Payments scheduled for the 31st will revert to the last business day of the month. (example: February bills would have paid on the 28th or the last processing day of the month).

right caretWhen will my scheduled payment be credited?

Electronic payments will be credited on the date you scheduled for the payment. Payments by check will be received by the payee by the date you scheduled under normal circumstances (holidays and federal office closings are non-processing days for the postal service). It is up to the payee to deposit the check and credit your billing account.

right caretI scheduled a payment, when will the money be drawn out of my account?

The funds will be withdrawn from your account on the date you selected to have the payment delivered if it is being paid electronically. If the payment processes by check, the funds will be withdrawn when the check is cleared just like a check you have written yourself.

right caretI need to pay bills from more than once account, how do I do this?

In your Bill Payment screen there will be a box showing your “pay from” account. If you have more than one account available to pay bills from, choose the account from the drop down box.

right caretWhere do I go for help making payments?

Bill Pay Support is available to our customers 7 days a week from 6am – 12am CST by calling 1-855-894-8710. You can also contact TBK Bank, SSB for assistance at 1-563-344-3935.

right caretHow do I activate my Bill Payments?

Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, your Bill Payment enrollment is automatic! You can start paying bills right away.


right caretWhat is Popmoney?

Popmoney is a personal payment service that eliminates the need for checks and cash. Popmoney makes sending and receiving money as easy as emailing and texting. Use Popmoney with your existing bank account to send and receive money.

right caretHow does Popmoney work?

Sending Money: Log-in to Online Banking. Select Bill Pay from the Navigator bar to locate Popmoney. From here you can send money to any individual by using their email address or account information. You will be notified when the transaction is complete.

Receiving Money: When someone sends money to you, you will receive an email or text message.

right caretWhat can I use Popmoney for?

The following are just a few of the convenient ways that Popmoney can be used:

  • Send money to your child at college.
  • Send a gift to family or friends.
  • Reimburse friends for that fun outing.
  • Pay your babysitter or lawn care service.
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates.

right caretWill my account information be shared with the recipient?

No, your account information will not be shared with the recipient. The recipient will only see your first name, last name, and the message you wrote for the payment. When you send a payment to an email address, the recipient will also see your email address. Similarly, you will not be able to see the recipient’s account information.

right caretWhat are the different ways that I can send money to someone?

You can send money to someone using their email address, mobile number or account information:

Email address: Your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account.

Mobile number: A text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account. You may want to tell your contact that standard message and data rates may be applied by the Service Provider.

Account information (routing and account numbers): The money will be deposited directly into your recipient’s account. You will also have the option to send an email to the recipient.

right caretWhen will the recipient receive the funds?

Receipt depends on the delivery option selected by the sender. If the sender has selected 3-day or standard delivery, then the recipient will receive the funds 3 business days after accepting the payment. If the sender has selected Next Day or Express delivery, then the recipient will receive the funds 1 business day after accepting the payment.

If the sender does not have an option to select a delivery speed, it could be because the recipient has used Popmoney and selected the Automatic Deposit option. In this case, funds will normally be available to the recipient on the next business day. Funds will also be available on the next business day if you have provided your contact’s account information.

If you have exceeded payment limits, the funds will be available in three business days.

right caretWhen will the funds be deducted from my account?

If you make a payment prior to 9:00 pm CST on a business day, the funds will be debited from your account on the same day. The transaction should be visible on your bank account the following day.

If you make a payment after 9:00 pm CST or on a non-business day, the funds will be debited from your account on the next business day.

right caretWhy do I have limits on payments?

For your protection, limits have been created on how much money and how many payments can be sent during various time periods. You can click on the Help icon next to the Amounts field to view your available limits.

right caretWhy am I asked to enter a message to the contact?

A personal message helps to give your contact confidence that they are receiving a payment from someone they know. It is also your opportunity to communicate the purpose of the payment.

right caretWhat are the fees associated with the service?

TBK Bank does not charge a fee for using Popmoney.

right caretCan I cancel a payment?

Yes, you may cancel a payment anytime before or on the send date. Your contact will be notified if you cancel a payment after a payment notification has been sent.

right caretCan I send money internationally?

No, currently you can only use Popmoney to send money within the United States.

right caretWhat are the different ways I can request money from someone?

You can request money from someone using their email address or their mobile phone number.

right caretCan I request money from multiple contacts at a time?

Yes. You can request money from multiple contacts by entering their phone numbers or email address in the “From” field. You can also request or specify different amounts from different people in the same request.

right caretDo I pay a fee if my request is not paid?

No. TBK Bank does not charge a fee for using Popmoney.

right caretWhy don’t I see a payment that I am expecting?

If you are expecting a payment and you do not see it in your Incoming Payments, this could be because you have not added the email address or mobile number to which the payment was sent. Go to Preferences to verify or add the email address or mobile phone number. Once you are done, you will be able to see the payment immediately.

right caretWhat happens when a payment someone sent me expires?

You have ten days from the send date to deposit a payment. When a payment expires, the funds are returned to the sender.

right caretWhere can I find Received Requests and Invoices?

All unpaid money requests and invoices are listed in your To Do List in the Overview tab.

right caretIs there a fee for paying a request or invoice?


right caretWhat do I do if I do not want to pay the request?

You have the option to reject the request. Click on the details of the received request and select the reject option. You have the option to send a message to the requestor at that time. If you do not take any action, the request will eventually expire (typically in 30 days).

right caretWhat are the different payment statuses?

Below is a list of all the possible payment statuses and their definitions: