Treasury Management

Payables Solutions

Our electronic payables solutions use advanced technology to give you the control you need to make your payments when and how you choose.

Whether you are looking to automate your payables processes with electronic file transfer or prefer a comprehensive web user interface for hands-on interaction – or something in between – we can help.​ Payable Solutions are available in Commercial Center and Small Business Center.

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Origination

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Significantly improve control of your business’ cash, funds availability, transaction reconciliation and cash forecasting with same-day or next-day ACH origination. ACH is a reliable and cost effective funds transfer method and is most often used for:

  • Business-to-business payments
  • Direct deposit for payroll
  • Federal, state, and local tax payments
  • Transfer of funds between accounts at other financial institutions

ACH File Formats:

  • Nacha Standard
  • ISO20022
  • EDI820
  • ACH File Mapping also available


ACH Reporting:

  • ACH Return Item Report
  • ACH Notice of Change Report
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Same Day ACH Origination

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Same-day ACH can be used for those times when funds must be there today. To process a same-day transaction, your ACH file must be submitted prior to the 10:00 am CST. There are additional eligibility requirements for same-day transactions, including:

  • Transactions must be < $100,000
  • Domestic ACH only (International ACH ineligible)

Must have access through Commercial Center or Small Business Center.

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Wire Transfers

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When time is of the essence, TBK Bank’s Commercial Center and Small Business Center services are here for you. Move money from one institution to another, across town or across the world.

Wire transfer origination through our secure online platforms is efficient and safe. No more trips to the bank or paper forms to submit. TBK Bank’s wire transfer origination offers immediate transfer of funds and guaranteed settlement.

Commercial Center offers:

  • Domestic wire origination
  • International wire origination (USD)
  • Foreign Currency wire origination

Small Business Center offers:

  • Domestic wire origination

Wire Transfer File Formats:

  • Fedwire Standard
  • ISO20022
  • EDI820
  • Wire Transfer File Mapping available

Wire Transfer Reporting Options:

  • Fedwire Standard Acknowledgements
  • Fedwire Standard Confirmations
  • ISO20022 Acknowledgements
  • ISO20022 Confirmations
  • Wire Detail Report
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Purchasing Card

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One Card is ideal for businesses needing maximum control over expenses. Manage travel and entertainment expenses, business purchases, utilities, fleet transactions and more. The program includes a log in to a secure online portal with real time access to your card information.

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Manage cardholder limits and purchases
  • Maintain spending controls in real-time
  • Protect against card misuse
  • Advanced administrative tools and reporting
  • Flexible billing options
  • Tax and compliance management support
  • Import transaction detail for simplified reconciliation with your accounting or Treasury Workstation


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