Statement of Financial Condition

March 31, 2024


Cash and Balances Due from Depository Institutions$417,033,000
Overnight Investments and Securities$324,543,000
Loans and Lease Financing Receivables $4,198,832,000
Premises and Fixed Assets$191,846,000
Intangible and Other Assets$440,288,000
Total Assets$5,572,542,000

Liabilities and Equity Capital

Other Liabilities$100,158
Total Liabilities$4,592,785,000
Equity Capital$979,757
Total Liabilities and Equity Capital$5,572,542,000

Regulatory Capital

CategoryTBK Bank1Well Capitalized2Adequately Capitalized
Total Risk Based Capital15.9%10.0%8.0%
Tier 1 Risk Based Capital15.1%8.0%6.0%
Common Equity Tier 1 Risk Based Capital15.1%6.5%4.5%
Tier 1 Leverage14.3%5.0%4.0%

  1. Regulatory Capital calculated in accordance with FDIC regulations.
  2. The Capital Ratios for TBK Bank, SSB exceed the amounts required by the FDIC
    to be considered “adequately capitalized” and the highest standard of “well-capitalized.”