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​Small Business Center

Intuitive and powerful, yet simple, online banking tools specially designed for the small business.​​​

TBK Bank’s Small Business Center is perfect for companies that want a simple and convenient way to manage day-to-day financial activity.


  • Information Reporting (Real-Time and Batch)
  • Segregation of duties and risk limits
  • Offers basic cash management services
  • Perfect for companies with low transaction volumes
  • Manage payroll and tax payments for a small office
  • Enjoy access to small business bill pay
  • Send domestic wire transfers
  • Transfer between business accounts
  • Mobile access and mobile deposits with TBK Business Mobile app
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Information Reporting

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TBK Bank’s Small Business Center provides web-based access to business and loan account information for convenient cash management. It’s geared toward the small or growing business with less complex reporting requirements. Get access to:

  • A convenient, customizable dashboard
  • Simple menu navigation
  • View and download transaction and balance information into Quickbooks or .csv formats
  • One-to-One account transfers
  • Small Business Bill Pay
  • Stop Payments
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Business Mobile access with payment and approval functionality
  • Originate ACH credits for small payrolls and tax payments
  • Domestic wire origination
  • eStatements
  • Business Mobile Deposit

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We put you in control by establishing your company level permissions. Your designated company administrator provides access and manages additional authorized users at their convenience with:

  • Fine grained entitlements
  • Cascading permissions
  • User profile and permissions management
  • Enable/Disable users as needed
  • Audit reporting on user access and activity
  • Password enablement and reset
  • Customizable alert and event notifications for insight into:
    • User profile changes
    • Password resets and user lockouts
    • Transaction status changes and confirmations
    • Transactions pending approval
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Small Business Center: Payables Solutions

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TBK Bank’s Small Business Center provides access to payable solutions larger companies enjoy but without the unnecessary complexity. With Small Business Center you have access to:

  • ACH credit origination for small payrolls and tax payments
  • Vendor payment origination
  • Same-day ACH origination
  • Domestic-only wire transfer origination
  • Small Business Bill Pay
  • TBK loan payments*

*Some restrictions may apply.

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Small Business Center: Receivables Solutions

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We recognize that small and growing businesses may not have the time or the staff to send on a trip to the bank to make deposits. With our Small Business Solutions, you and your staff can stay focused on business – anywhere it takes you.

  • Remote Deposit Capture – Capture check images using a desktop scanner. Transmit deposits from the convenience of one or multiple locations.
  • Mobile Deposit Capture – Capture check images using an iOS or Android device and TBK Business Mobile app.

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Fraud Prevention

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TBK Bank’s Small Business Center offers multiple ways to do your business banking safely and securely. TBK’s fraud prevention tools reduce risk of malware attacks. Safety features include:

  • Small Business Center Secure Browser with virtual keyboard
  • Multi-factor authentication using a virtual token
  • Reverse Check Positive Pay
  • Dual Control for transactions
  • SMS or text options and push one-time codes
  • Single Sign-On for secure access to multiple sites with user and device authentications
  • Keyboard, data, and transaction encryption
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