TBK Bank Remains Strong and Stable

From our inception, one of the long-standing core values at TBK Bank has been transparency. We believe in communicating the truth consistently, directly and professionally, because we know open communication is the foundation of strong relationships.

 In response to the closing of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank (SBNY) by the FDIC, we want to assure you that TBK Bank and our parent company, Triumph Financial, Inc. (Nasdaq: TFIN), remain financially strong and stable.


  • Our deposit base is stable and diverse, consisting primarily of traditional retail and commercial deposits spread across over 78,000 depositors served by branches in six states
  • Our credit quality is excellent, including very low past due and nonperforming loans
  • Our investment portfolio is comprised primarily of high-quality, short duration securities that, if necessary, could be converted into cash without material losses. We have minimal investments in long duration securities, the sale of which at steep losses triggered the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
  • We maintain capital above and beyond what is required by regulatory standards
  • We have access to several large sources of additional liquidity if needed in the future

Triumph Financial has long been, and remains, a diversified financial services organization focusing on creating value by helping our customers succeed, our team members thrive and our communities prosper.

As a banking partner, TBK Bank and Triumph Financial are steadfastly committed to providing continued transparency, strength and stability. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have or feel free to call us at 866.644.3935.