Triumph Financial Brands Notice of Financial Incentives

California law requires that we disclose specific information about the financial incentives we offer. Colorado requires that we provide similar information about loyalty programs that are offered to give individuals, among other things, “superior” goods or services. (This is defined in Colorado as a Bona Fide Loyalty Program). While we do not believe that any of Triumph Financial Brands’ programs qualify as a “Bona Fide Loyalty Program” under Colorado law we have nevertheless provided information about the program here. This is in addition to information about how we process personal information (you can learn about that in our Privacy Policy). This notice provides that information.

The Incentive and Its Terms

From time to time we may offer financial incentives to promote our services. We will ask you to provide information about yourself in connection with these programs. This may include contact information. More about how we use your information is described in our Privacy Policy.

Price Difference and Value

It is not our business practice to assign a specific monetary value to personal information. However, California law requires that we assign a value. This statement outlines the value and how we have calculated it in the context of the financial incentives we offer. The financial incentives we offer to consumers are reasonably related to the value of the consumer’s data to our business. We calculate this in good faith based on our reasonable but sole determination using factors that include expenses we incur to collect, store and keep personal information. We also considered the expenses related to providing the financial incentive.

Targeted Advertising

Colorado requires that we describe the categories of personal information that will be sold or processed for targeted advertising purposes in connection with a financial incentive program. For any program that we offer we will provide you with this information as required by law at the time that you sign up to participate in the program.


Participation in any financial incentive program is optional and California law gives you the right to withdraw from participating in financial incentives at any time. You can withdraw from receiving financial incentives at any time by submitting a request to Withdrawal may impact your ability to receive additional rewards or promotions.

Third Parties and Partners

Third parties who will receive personal and sensitive information collected in connection with the program are our business partners, vendors, and clients. For more details about our information sharing practices please visit our Privacy Policy.