International Travel Tips –
Before You Travel

Prepare your finances for the big trip.

What do you need to do before you set foot on a plane? Keep your finances safe with some simple steps.

  • Make your cards travel-ready: With the TBK Bank My Card feature in mobile banking you can utilize Manage Travel Plans to set up travel plans before you leave. This will avoid disruption when using your debit card while traveling. Some other issuers ask you to notify them if you are going out of state.
  • Set up Mobile Banking: Install the TBK Bank mobile app* and the apps for your other banks, making sure to set up electronic banking before you travel. This enables you to monitor your account, check transactions, and receive alerts for any suspicious activity while on the go.
  • Check your IDs: Consider carrying at least two valid permanent forms of ID with you. Carry one ID in your wallet and one in your luggage in case your wallet is lost or stolen.
  • Set your PIN: It’s a good idea to prepare your PIN before traveling abroad as some international ATMs and credit card transactions require a four-digit PIN. Try to memorize your PIN and avoid writing it on your card or keeping it in your wallet. Be sure your PIN does not start with a zero and know your PIN by the numbers, as some foreign ATMs do not have letters on the keypads.
  • Pay your bills: Take care of bills before you travel. Using the Bill Pay feature within online banking, you can schedule payments to be sent while you’re away. Also, consider signing up for paperless billing so you’ll have less paper waiting for you when you return.
  • Secure & update device settings: Ensure all your devices have up-to-date antivirus software and strong passwords. Update your device settings to avoid public Wi-Fi, as this will prevent strangers from seeing what you’re doing on your device.
    • Consider using tools that help protect your card transactions from fraud while you travel. For example, when turned on, your phone’s location services may be able to verify card transactions when you make a purchase in an unusual place.
    • Good News – Your TBK Bank account is secured by multi-factor authentication as an additional security feature and countries that are reported with high fraud volume are blocked by default!
  • Determine your spending: If you’re traveling internationally, check to see if U.S. dollars are widely accepted in your destination. If you identify the need for foreign currency, you may want to visit an exchange before you travel. This way, when you land, you’ll have local currency ready to go so you can pay for taxis, snacks, and other incidentals without having to track down a currency exchange.
  • Hold your mail: Contact the post office about holding your mail for a period of time. In addition to keeping your mailbox clear, this helps keep sensitive information in your mail, like bank and credit card statements, more secure.
  • Be careful what you share online: Posting updates or photos to social media about your travel plans may be a fun way to share the experience with others, but it’s important to make sure you’re aware of who can see them. Update privacy settings on your social media accounts to ensure you’re only sharing with those you know and trust.

Safe travels!

*Your wireless carrier may charge for text or data usage when using the TBK Bank Mobile App.

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Bank anywhere, anytime. Learn more about the TBK Bank Mobile App*

*Your wireless carrier may charge for text or data usage when using the TBK Bank Mobile App.

Emergency Contact Information

Keep emergency contact numbers: Save the customer service contact numbers for your phone service provider, reservation locations, and other parties. This will allow to you quickly contact and report or resolve any issues when the internet may not accessible.

TBK Bank:
Customer Care – 866-644-3935
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. CT

TBK Bank Text Alerts:
TBK Bank fraud text alerts will be sent from these numbers:
– Debit Card Fraud Alerts – 207-33
– Online Banking Alert – 363-97 & 995-88

Credit Card Customer Service:
800-558-3424 (Available 24/7)

Make sure your bank and credit card company have your email address and mobile phone number so you can be reached while you’re traveling.

International Transactions may incur additional charges.