Investment Advisory Services

At TBK Bank we take pride in setting ourselves apart from other banks by providing high level personalized service. We’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals.

Our Philosophy

Successful investing comes from the practice of disciplined investing. We endeavor to manage income, appreciation, and risk consistent with the overall objectives of your account. Before we determine the appropriate model portfolio for you, we’ll sit down and really get to know you and understand your financial needs and goals. After your portfolio is established, we’ll consistently monitor it to ensure that it performs in conjunction with your objectives.

Our Investment Policy

We use the following strategies during your portfolio construction to maximize the return while limiting the risks taken. Our approach to investing primarily uses index-based exchange traded funds supplemented with actively managed funds.

Asset Allocation – a time-tested method of bringing and keeping your portfolio in balance with set criteria.

Diversification – the process of investing in multiple assets to reduce the risk taken by holding too much of one’s assets in too few assets.

Rebalancing – the process of selling or buying assets that either rise or decline over time in order to keep the portfolio at a pre-determiend target mix.

Sector Neutral – staying fully invested neutralizes timing risks that are taken by moving in and out of the markets. Missing just a few of the best days can significantly impact returns.

Partner With Us

We are unmatched in our integrity, service, and knowledge. Partnering with us means you'll receive our commitment in helping you reach your financial goals.

To contact the Trust and Investment Services Department, call (309) 743-7856.

Products offered by Trust & Investment Services are not FDIC insured, not a deposit, not guaranteed by the bank or other obligation of the bank, not insured by any federal government agency, may go down in value,  and subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.