Estates and Probate

Of all the services and benefits we provide, we believe peace of mind is the most important. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We know finding someone to trust with your estate isn't an easy decision. At TBK Bank, we work extra hard to alleviate your worries. 

As Executor, we work with your legal advisor to oversee and administer your estate without unnecessary delay. Rest assured, your estate will be managed and settled the way you intended.

When creating your estate plan, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the selection of the fiduciary. Your appointed fiduciary will be responsible for following the directions of your estate plan.

Consider the qualities and features that make an effective fiduciary:

Knowledge of fiduciary and tax law – the ability to properly interpret and follow the terms of your will or trust, consistent with applicable laws and ensure all tax matters are addressed correctly.

Objectivity – independently exercising discretion in making decisions about how much to distribute, to whom and when. The fiduciary protects the interests of all beneficiaries, and must not favor one beneficiary over another.

Perpetuity of existence – ability to continue to act as fiduciary as long as needed, which in many cases can mean years or even decades.

Experience – skilled fiduciaries can see potential situations and issues which may arise during administration of the estate or trust and can plan for them in an effective manner.

Availability – conveniently being there on a timely and as needed basis to accurately perform tasks and duties as dictated by the governing instrument.

Flexibility – having the capacity to adjust and tailor service to meet specific requirements or situations.

Value – providing management of the relationship in a way that maximizes the services received for the fees paid.

Investment management expertise – keeping assets properly diversified and allocated in such a way that the portfolio provides income and growth for the benefit of your beneficiaries.

Safekeeping – the ability to gather and properly oversee different types of assets.

Accounting capabilities – possessing the ability to both properly record, as well as reconcile transactions.


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