online bill pay

right caretHow do I stop a payment?

Electronic payments can be stopped by choosing the specific payee from the “pending Payments” area in your bill pay page and clicking on Cancel. Payments scheduled to pay out by paper check will have to be cancelled by placing a Stop Payment Order on them at your local TBK Bank branch. The normal Stop Pay fee will be charged.

right caretWill I get an email if my payment is outstanding after a period of time?

There is not any automatic correspondence sent out regarding bill payments.

right caretI made a payment more than 30 days ago and it has not yet cleared my account, what should I do?

Start by calling Bill Pay Support at 1-855-894-8710 to see if the payment was made. Contact your local TBK Bank office to stop the payment if necessary. Any check payments that are outstanding more than 90 days will be automatically refunded and credited back to the customer’s checking account within 3-5 business days after being stale dated.

right caretWhere can I get my payment history?

The Bill Payments begin building history with your first payment made and will be available for viewing up to 18 months.

right caretI made a payment 4 months ago; how can I be sure it was paid?

Look back at your statements to make sure the payment has been deducted from your account. If you made a payment and your payee has not credited you, contact your local TBK branch for assistance in researching the proof of payment.

right caretHow can I tell if a payment has been made?

Log into your online banking and click on the Bill Pay tab in the Primary Navigation Bar. The list of your Payees along with Pending and Recent Payments will be displayed in your Payment Center. To get more details, choose the Bill Pay History tab and select from several options.

right caretMy payment used to pay electronically, now it’s paying by check. What can I do?

In the Bill Pay “Payment Center” click on the payee name from your list of vendors, the payment assistant will open in the upper right hand corner; compare the address information for payments to a recent bill and if changes are needed click on the Update button to edit.

right caretI want a bill paid on the last day of each month, what should I do?

Schedule the payment for the 31st and schedule the recurrence for monthly. Payments scheduled for the 31st will revert to the last business day of the month. (example: February bills would have paid on the 28th or the last processing day of the month).

right caretWhen will my scheduled payment be credited?

Electronic payments will be credited on the date you scheduled for the payment. Payments by check will be received by the payee by the date you scheduled under normal circumstances (holidays and federal office closings are non-processing days for the postal service). It is up to the payee to deposit the check and credit your billing account.

right caretI scheduled a payment, when will the money be drawn out of my account?

The funds will be withdrawn from your account on the date you selected to have the payment delivered if it is being paid electronically. If the payment processes by check, the funds will be withdrawn when the check is cleared just like a check you have written yourself.

right caretI need to pay bills from more than once account, how do I do this?

In your Bill Payment screen there will be a box showing your “pay from” account. If you have more than one account available to pay bills from, choose the account from the drop down box.

right caretWhere do I go for help making payments?

Bill Pay Support is available to our customers 7 days a week from 6am – 12am CST by calling 1-855-894-8710. You can also contact TBK Bank, SSB for assistance at 1-563-344-3935.

right caretHow do I activate my Bill Payments?

Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, your Bill Payment enrollment is automatic! You can start paying bills right away.