Treasury Management

Information Reporting

Stay in the know on
every aspect of your business finances

If your business commands a lot of your time, you may struggle with keeping up with all of your financials. With our suite of reporting services, you’ll save time and energy monitoring and managing your business’ cash position.

more information iconBusiness Online Banking
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Business Online Banking from TBK Bank is a reliable, economical, and time-saving tool for receiving and sending financial information and providing online access to your business accounts.

Know your cash position:

  • View account balances and activity
  • Upload and download account activity
  • Review Account Analysis statements and bank statements
  • Review incoming and outgoing transaction history
  • Make positive pay decisions on ACH transactions and check entries to combat fraud
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Keep your information secure and accessible everywhere with eStatements. In addition to being environmentally friendly and away from the eyes of identity thieves, they simplify account management, eliminate paper waste, and are available 24/7 from any computer with internet access. And best of all, they’re free with all accounts.​

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With TBK Bank’s EDI Reporting, your business can electronically receive the remittance detail that may accompany your incoming ACH Transactions. Make reconciling payments fast and accurate.


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